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AZŠ – 5. A, 5. B SUSHI

10.03.2023 08:05

The fifth grade English classes wrapped up their unit about food by learning to make sushi! They wrote down the step-by-step instructions as dictated by their teacher (and amateur sushi maker) and then got their hands dirty making sushi in class this past week. They had fun and the sushi turned out great! Here’s what some Grade 5 students had to say about it:

We are learning about food and nutrition in English class. We decided to make vegetarian sushi together with our teacher Mrs. Svacha.   

-Simča, 5. A

I enjoyed rolling the sushi rolls. My group wanted to make special sushi types.

-Tom, 5. A

At first, it was hard making sushi. Then it got easier with practice.

-David P., 5. A

I never made sushi before. It was easier than I thought. The hardest part was spreading the rice on the seaweed sheets. Maybe I will make sushi for my family now!

-Lily, 5.A

The rice was super sticky but it was still fun making sushi with my friends. The best part was sampling the sushi!

-Stefi, 5. A

My team and I made special sushi that had small sushi inside of it. Even though it wasn´t a competition, I think my group won.

-Gabriel, 5. B

It was hard to roll the sushi, but it was fun. I didn’t try the sushi because I don’t like the smell of seaweed.

-Sebastian, 5. B

I think it was fun and our sushi turned out good. We made three kinds of sushi. One with cucumber, one with pepper, and the last with cucumber and pepper. I think it was fun.

-Martina, 5. B

I don’t eat sushi, but making it was fun. I enjoyed rolling the sushi. I tried three sushi rolls. My family likes sushi, but I prefer pasta.


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